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 Chapter 1.3: Explaining Variables

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Chapter 1.3: Explaining Variables Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 1.3: Explaining Variables   Chapter 1.3: Explaining Variables Icon_minitimeSat Aug 21, 2010 4:53 am

Declaring the variables. You can set any name to a variable.
Quote :
int x, y, result;

The variable x holds the number 4.
Quote :
x = 4;

The variable y holds the number 7 and counts the value of the variable x itself.
Quote :
y = 7 + x;

The variable z is the variable y and it basically means that value of the variable z is 7 + x.
Quote :
z = y;

Inputs the value of the variable z
Quote :
cout << "Result is " << z;

Inputs a new line.
Quote :
cout << "\n";
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Chapter 1.3: Explaining Variables
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